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Want to learn secrets from the Recruiter Insider?
** YES FREE **

Need more training or help? Choose a plan.

  • Candidate Mix Tape

    Every week
    Matching list of candidates with contact for DIY reach out.
    • Build candidates list with name, title, company, and more
    • Two five (5) candidate calibrations in 72 hours. (See Note)
    • Add 40-50 more candidates based on complexity and location
    • Add emails to 75% and social links to 100% of the candidates
    • Do it yourself (DIY) reach out (Add $75 for: HelpUContact)
    • HelpUContact interested candidates are email introduced
    • See plan policies for terms, conditions and limitations
  • YourOwnCrew (D-Part)

    YourOwnCrew (YOC) to source for a department (up to15 reqs).
    • Research team provides 100+ hours weekly sourcing support
    • Initial intake meetings for each new req
    • Build lists of target candidates based on requisition
    • Contact and submit interested candidates via email
    • Provide periodic sourcing reports to show progress
    • Meet once per week for candidate review as needed
    • One-Time setup of $999 charged to credit card
    • Ongoing $1850 weekly payment paid by Saturday
    • Coverage for up to ten (10) projects or up to 15 reqs
    • Up to ten (10) hours of sourcing consultation per month
  • HelpUApply-Jobs

    Every 2 weeks
    Want new job workin remote/hybrid? RU wastin time applyin?
    • We apply or send your resume to 50 jobs or hiring officials
    • We make 25 LinkedIn connection requests to job prospects
    • You can message questions to a job search consultant 24/7.
    • You have one live session with job search consultant monthly
  • Younglings Training

    Every week
    Training you for a Talent Sourcer J.O.B.
    Valid for 4 weeks
    • Work as sourcer supporting a recruiter
    • Understand terminology and processes
    • Work on “Live” opening for Biotech or Tech companie
    • Learn to screen candidates
    • Learn to find candidates using social sites
    • Learn to read and adjust to feedback
    • End of training: HelpUApply for research/sourcer jobs
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