Medical Team


Sourceum supports recruiters at healthcare organizations hiring priority or shortage positions such as: nurses, nurse assistants, therapists, physicians, physician assistants, pharmacists, pharmacy technicians, radiologists, radiology technicians, and non-patient care departments such as information technology, informatics, education, and dietary. 

Build Lists

Using known and little known sourcers, our researches create and add candidates to a shared list of candidates.  These candidates have the right location, right credentials and amount of experience.


Once priority or shortage positions are identified and assigned, we assist recruiters by building a list of matching candidates, calibrating, generating interest, and introducing screened candidate to the recruiter for interview. 

Chase Candidates

During the build of the list, candidates are calibrated with recruiter and hiring manager. The candidates chosen are reached out to and screened.  Our team uses multiple channels to make contact has a 60% success rate in getting candidates to replay,


Our researchers have staffing tools built by Sourceum not available to the public.  We also can used tools and databases that your facility has an are underutilized.  We are experts in using LinkedIn, healthcare job boards, AI search,  and most Applicant Tracking Systems. 

Source Archives/Referrals

If the hiring manager is in a hurry, a researcher can be assigned to search archives or referral candidates and submit those matching to the recruiter.  

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