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Which do you prefer from you candidate reach out campaigns?

>Low number, on target, and no work by you<
Too many interested


Finding Talent Made Easy 


We provide talent research to companies and independent recruiters since 1997.


Our members receives training, job and candidate sharing opportunities to keep  competitive.


Sourceum has trained over 100 researchers and sourcers world wide.


We have a set of talent research tools that are available only to our clients.

Need Help? We've Got You Covered

Proven Success: 30% candidate response rate improvement

You spend time finding and Inmailing candidates, but no response from 75% of them. 

A better approach to sourcing

Using research to immediately prime and fill your pipeline in a modern, marketing-centric approach, makes it easier to produce and reproduce submittals.

Customized ​recruiting support

Using a set of technologies unavailable to the public along with experienced crowdsourced staffing experts, your recruitment needs can be satisficed.

Tools for top candidate chase

Once a candidate is identified as a match by a recruiter or hiring manager, that candidate will be contacted and response obtained up to 80% of the time.

Virtual Team Meeting

Need help finding candidates?

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A woman at the office overlooking the ci


“I have had at least 20%, maybe 30% of candidates respond, who had not answered my first email or InMail messages..”

Calvin W., Lead Sourcer, Biotech

About Sourceum Research

"It's your candidate list, hire as many as you want."

Sourceum Research is a set of services that run on a platform which enables a sourcer or recruiter to efficiently find, contact candidates to inspire their interest in job opportunities. Unlike artificial intelligence driven services, all reach outs are intimately customized by resources, locally situated, who have years of recruitment experience.  Because of the capabilities that our research platform provides, Sourceum decreases the time-to-hire by providing interested candidates at a fraction of the cost of agencies. And, unlike agency candidates, hire as many as you want.

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